Do you want to install a glass splashback in your kitchen? Find out what you need to know about installing glass to make this look great.

When can you just replace the glass rather than the whole window?

6 January 2023
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Broken windows, either at home or at work, can result in costly repairs. Fortunately, it is not always necessary to replace the entire window. Minor damage can be repaired simply by replacing the glass, which is a much cheaper and quicker option. Here are some situations in which it makes sense only to replace the window glass. The frame is fine  Firstly, there is no need to replace the entire window if only the glass is damaged. Read More …

What Can You Do if Your Previous Frameless Shower Screens Have Leaked?

28 March 2022
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Frameless shower screens have grown in popularity, with their very clean, almost invisible lines that don't make the shower stand out. This is wonderful for those who prefer a more understated bathroom design. However, frameless shower screens have developed a—not always accurate—reputation for leaking. This could make people turn to framed doors once again. But, is that really the right choice? It turns out, much of that reputation is based on simply not knowing what to do to make the screens watertight. Read More …

Advantages of a Printed Glass Splashback

22 October 2021
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If you've always had tiled kitchen splashbacks, you might be looking for a change and considering using glass instead. Digitally printed glass lets you cover your kitchen walls with a unique look. Here are several advantages. Easy to Clean The splashback is in the prime spot to capture splashes and splats from food. After all, that's why it's placed on the wall behind the countertop in the first place for this functional purpose. Read More …

How to Choose the Right Shower Screen for Your Bathroom

29 June 2021
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When renovating your bathroom, one of the biggest changes that you might want to make might involve improving your shower. After all, you probably want your shower to be a relaxing, clean environment that is easy to clean and that looks good, too. Choosing a new shower screen for your bathroom is an important part of renovating your shower, and the advice below can help you with choosing the perfect shower screen. Read More …

Tips for Cleaning a Storefront Glass Window

23 March 2021
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If you own a storefront with a glass window, keeping it clean at all times is imperative. It is particularly the case if you have products on display that customers can only view through the glass window. Although cleaning commercial glass windows might seem like a straightforward task, getting sparkling results takes more than knowing how to use a squeegee. Therefore, what is the secret to getting a storefront glass window sparkling clean? Read More …

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Tips on Installing Glass Splashbacks Behind Gas Stoves

Hello, my name is Hugh and I’ve recently finished renovating our kitchen. The project itself wasn’t that much trouble (my wife knows exactly what she wants and I just go along with her!) but we did hit a couple of snags along the way. For example, my wife really wanted a glass splashback to run behind our stove. I didn’t think this would be a problem; however, we’re using a gas stove and our kitchen company pointed out that we needed to run some checks and maybe even do some work before it would be safe to put glass behind this kind of oven. I had no idea that a glass splashback might not be suitable for every kitchen and I thought other people might find it useful to learn what you need to know before installing this kind of splashback.