Advantages of a Printed Glass Splashback

Do you want to install a glass splashback in your kitchen? Find out what you need to know about installing glass to make this look great.

Advantages of a Printed Glass Splashback

22 October 2021
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If you've always had tiled kitchen splashbacks, you might be looking for a change and considering using glass instead. Digitally printed glass lets you cover your kitchen walls with a unique look. Here are several advantages.

Easy to Clean

The splashback is in the prime spot to capture splashes and splats from food. After all, that's why it's placed on the wall behind the countertop in the first place for this functional purpose. The benefit of glass over tiles is that the area isn't covered with grout lines that provide a breeding ground for food buildup. The glass panels connect seamlessly without any crevices or grooves, so you can easily wipe over the smooth surface. Simply use a microfiber cloth or glass cleaner.

Print Options

Printed glass splashbacks feature an image on the back of the panels. You can create different looks depending on the picture you choose. You might opt for a scene of a city or the countryside. You can also take the splashback in other directions. For example, choose a photograph of marble, timber, or a red brick wall. The photos of these substances will create a life-like appearance, but the glass will be so much easier to maintain. Another possibility is to choose abstract art with washes of blues and greens blending randomly.

When selecting an image, bear in mind the shape of your splashback area. If it's low and wide, choose a picture that will look good in those proportions. For example, don't use a tall skinny image that won't fit an extended area. If you like the look of a tiled splashback but not the upkeep, you could print the panels with a photograph of tiles. On these splashbacks, the grouting will never get grubby.

Safe and Durable

You may wonder if these splashbacks are safe and whether they'll break easily. You might recall a broken window pane, for example. However, glass splashbacks use a different type of glass than the standard float glass in windows. They use toughened safety glass which undergoes a tempering process of rapid heating and cooling. This technique renders the glass stronger than standard panes. Plus, it's heat-resistant, so a hot stove won't cause any problems with the splashback. Glass doesn't need any kind of maintenance such as regular sealing. Because the image is on the back, it won't come off even after the splashback is cleaned many times over.

Reach out to a professional to discuss your printed glass splashback ideas. 

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