Do you want to install a glass splashback in your kitchen? Find out what you need to know about installing glass to make this look great.

Why Organic Cleaners Are the Best Option for Your Glass Doors

18 March 2019
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While doors can be made from many different types of materials, glass is one of the best options available. Glass doors give your home an elegant, stylish touch that increases the value of your home. And when installed in the right places, glass doors also boost kerb appeal. A challenge that homeowners with glass doors face is keeping them clean. Stains, smudges and debris can easily accumulate on a glass surface and make your doors appear dull. Read More …

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Tips on Installing Glass Splashbacks Behind Gas Stoves

Hello, my name is Hugh and I’ve recently finished renovating our kitchen. The project itself wasn’t that much trouble (my wife knows exactly what she wants and I just go along with her!) but we did hit a couple of snags along the way. For example, my wife really wanted a glass splashback to run behind our stove. I didn’t think this would be a problem; however, we’re using a gas stove and our kitchen company pointed out that we needed to run some checks and maybe even do some work before it would be safe to put glass behind this kind of oven. I had no idea that a glass splashback might not be suitable for every kitchen and I thought other people might find it useful to learn what you need to know before installing this kind of splashback.