Tips for Cleaning a Storefront Glass Window

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Tips for Cleaning a Storefront Glass Window

23 March 2021
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If you own a storefront with a glass window, keeping it clean at all times is imperative. It is particularly the case if you have products on display that customers can only view through the glass window. Although cleaning commercial glass windows might seem like a straightforward task, getting sparkling results takes more than knowing how to use a squeegee. Therefore, what is the secret to getting a storefront glass window sparkling clean? This post highlights essential tips for cleaning storefront glass windows.

Scrape Sticky Debris -- Glass windows on storefronts are exposed to the elements, and it is easy for dust and dirt to stick to the surface. Sticky dirt does not look professional because it leaves ugly marks on windows. A customer who walks past such a window does not bother to look at the products on display. Unfortunately, most store owners make a mistake when cleaning sticky dirt from their glass windows. Instead of removing dirt with a scraper first, they spray a window with a cleaning solution and try to scrub away the dirt. However, it increases the chances of scratching or etching your window permanently. The best approach is to soak sticky dirt with water and then gently scrape it away before cleaning.

Take Caution with Ammonia -- Some of the best glass window cleaning solvents contain ammonia. The compound is excellent in cutting through grease, fingerprint smudges, and other grime that    a window is exposed to. However, you must be careful when using solutions that contain ammonia because they can remove tint from glass windows. If your storefront's window has a tint, you should avoid using products containing ammonia. If your window does not have a tint but is surrounded by treated wood, you should cover exposed parts or opt for solutions that do not contain ammonia. Notably, ammonia leaves unsightly spots on wood.

Avoid Direct Sunlight -- There is a reason commercial window cleaners do their job early in the morning or late in the evening: to avoid sunlight. Cleaning glass windows in direct sunlight accelerates the drying process, leaving behind soapy streaks and denying your windows sparkle. Moreover, trying to eliminate soapy streaks in direct sunlight can be frustrating. Therefore, if your store's glass window is dirty, schedule the cleaning for early morning or late evening. Alternatively, you can choose a time of day when sun rays do not hit the window directly to clean the windows.

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