Window Repairs: When to Call a Professional

Do you want to install a glass splashback in your kitchen? Find out what you need to know about installing glass to make this look great.

Window Repairs: When to Call a Professional

30 November 2020
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There are times when you might want to repair your damaged windows yourself to save some of your hard-earned money; this is okay as long as you are a handy person and have some window repair skills. Here are times when you need to contact a window repair professional:

Large Window Repairs

The larger the glass panel, the more sensitive and risky the window repair will be. This is because it means that you can't repair the window alone. You need help lifting and placing the window in place and additional help to support it as you secure it in place.

This means that you have to involve another person who should also be skilled. Do you have a relative or friend skilled enough to help you? If not, you might end up breaking the new glass or doing shoddy work that leads to high expenses and time wastage when you have to hire a professional, which you would have done in the first place.

High Window Repairs

Working at height is risky; first, it means that you need the right equipment to help you reach the high windows. Secondly, you need height safety equipment to protect yourself from falling. If you do not have such tools or even know which pieces of equipment to use, you may not be capable of repairing high windows.

If you know the tools and equipment needed, you might have to spend your hard-earned money buying tools you might only need once; this is not economical. Professional window repairers have all the necessary tools and equipment to repair windows at height, and it is economical for them because they will need to use the tools more than once and also generate some income.

Leadlight Window Repairs

If you have a leadlight window installed and the cames are made of lead, do not grind the cames. Contact a leadlight window repair and restoration specialist. Lead in dust form is poisonous; if you inhale or ingest it, it can lead to lead poisoning. If this dust finds its way to your neighbours and they get poisoned, you can face legal problems where you can serve jail time and pay a high fine.

Leadlight window repair and restoration specialists have the skills and expertise to repair the lead cames, replace damaged window panels, use personal protective equipment and also cover the work area to avoid lead dust from leaving the work area.

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