Ideas For Adding Organic Curves To Your Shower Screen

Do you want to install a glass splashback in your kitchen? Find out what you need to know about installing glass to make this look great.

Ideas For Adding Organic Curves To Your Shower Screen

21 May 2020
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Bathroom walls are usually flat, and square or rectangle — doors are straight-edged, as are windows and other elements. While baths and basins might display smooth, rounded contours, usually showers are hard and square. However, you can incorporate more flowing and curved organic lines into your shower design. Here are several ideas.

Curved 'Corner'

Fixed shower screens that delineate a showering area give your bathroom beautiful clean lines and a minimalist feel. You can add to their elegance by softening the corner of the panel — introducing a curved rather than a square edge to the upper corner. The rounded screen 'corner' will give a smooth organic feel to the shower enclosure. Repeating this curve on a mirror or vanity bowl will highlight these contours and make them stand out. To finish off your bathroom, surround your flowing glass with smooth large format ceramic or natural stone tiles, in earthy fawns, pinks or eucalypt hues that echo nature.

Frosted And Patterned Glass

You can also add curves and softness to your shower with frosty decorative patterns. Frosted-glass comes in many designs, including geometric patterns of circles or free-flowing natural lines that mimic organic themes. For instance, your screens could feature designs of curling and winding foliage or abstract organic wave-shapes. These patterns will add a sense of movement and excitement to the decor. Again, you can mimic a circle shape with a circular mirror or even install a porthole window for a novel effect.

Another path to go down is to install patterned glass instead. On the frosted glass, various degrees of frosting and transparency creates the designs, whereas on patterned glass, moulds shape the surface of the glass panel so that it becomes two dimensional. Patterned glass is ideal for mimicking falling rain as the patterns suggest the effect of real rain.

Round And Hexagonal Enclosures

Another way to incorporate lovely lines into your bathroom during a shower screen installation is to fit a rounded shower enclosure itself, rather than a square or rectangular one. In these structures, each screen softly curves around rather than being flat. This will eliminate hard, sharp corner edges in the shower. Another possibility is a hexagonal shower, in which flat panels fit together to form a somewhat rounded shape. In a room corner, both of these contours have the benefit of saving space in the bathroom. While showering, after all, you probably rarely use the very corner areas in the enclosure.

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