Glass Splashbacks: Why They Make a Great Addition to Your Home

Do you want to install a glass splashback in your kitchen? Find out what you need to know about installing glass to make this look great.

Glass Splashbacks: Why They Make a Great Addition to Your Home

16 November 2016
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The most conventional material used for splashbacks is tile. This is largely because of its ready availability. Moreover, tile is also one of the most affordable materials that you could consider. Nevertheless, you will find that your tile splashbacks will need to be replaced over tie as they succumb to disrepair. The staining that occurs on the grouting can make your entire wall look like an eyesore. If you would like a long-lasting solution for your splashback needs, you should consider glass splashbacks. Below are some of the reasons why glass splashbacks make a great addition to your home.

Glass splashbacks stay pristine

One of the main benefits of opting for glass splashbacks is that they will retain their lustre without much maintenance required. The primary reason for this is that glass splashbacks are seamless. Instead of having them installed with grout, the contractors can directly install the splashbacks onto the wall. Eliminating the grout makes your walls less likely to acquire premature staining caused by spills and splashes. Another benefit of their seamless appearance of glass splashbacks is that they are much easier to clean. In the event you splash food or grease onto your splashbacks, all you need to do is wipe the surface with some household detergent and rinse with water. This can considerably decrease the amount of energy and maintenance required by you to keep your walls spick and span.

Glass splashbacks have versatile applications

Another benefit of glass splashbacks is that they can be used for any application in and around the home. Although splashbacks tend to be a kitchen mainstay, this does not mean that they should be exclusively used above sinks and stoves. If you would like to add a sense of uniformity to your interior design, you can install these splashbacks in different rooms around the home. Having the splashbacks above your bathroom sinks will protect your walls from moisture while enhancing the aesthetics of your bathroom. You can even opt to install the splashbacks in living spaces to create some visual interest on your walls. With the numerous colours and designs that are available to you, you will only be limited by your creativity and budget.

Glass splashbacks have high durability

A misconception some homeowners may have is that since these splashbacks are made from glass they will not be able to withstand heavy usage. The reality is that these splashbacks are made from toughened glass, which makes them capable of withstanding high impact. Moreover, the toughened glass also has high heat resistance. Therefore, you do not have to worry about scorching your splashbacks.

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