Ways Glass Splashbacks Would Benefit Any Kitchen

Do you want to install a glass splashback in your kitchen? Find out what you need to know about installing glass to make this look great.

Ways Glass Splashbacks Would Benefit Any Kitchen

2 November 2016
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When some homeowners consider glass splashbacks, they assume that they would only complement kitchens with a contemporary design. The reality is that these splashbacks will enhance the aesthetics of any type of kitchen, regardless of whether the design is traditional or modern. Moreover, glass splashbacks also provide you with advantages that you may not be able to enjoy with other materials, such as ceramic tiles. If you are looking to install new splashbacks, here are some of the ways that glass splashbacks would be beneficial for any kitchen.

Glass splashbacks are hygienic

One of the most crucial concerns in the kitchen is hygiene. A lapse in cleanliness, even slightly, could have hazardous consequences in the form of contaminated food. Some materials that are used for splashbacks tend to be porous. As such, they will absorb the spills that are splashed onto them and eventually become breeding grounds for a host of pathogens. Since glass is impervious to moisture, you can rest assure that your splashbacks will not be absorbing moisture, grease or even food substances. This impervious nature of the glass splashbacks also makes them easy to maintain since pills can easily be wiped away without the risk of staining occurring.

Glass splashbacks are resistant to impact and heat

Some people may be under the wrong assumption that splashbacks made from glass would be fragile. The truth is, these splashbacks are not made from annealed glass, which is the regular type of weak glass. Instead, they are manufactured from tempered glass, which is significantly tougher than its annealed counterpart. The increased strength in this type of glass makes it suitable for heavy usage applications, as it will not succumb to high impact. Moreover, the tempered glass will also have some heat resistant qualities. This makes the splashbacks suitable for applications over stovetops without running the risk of these splashbacks becoming scorched or acquiring other forms of heat damage.

Glass splashbacks are attractive

Another benefit of opting for glass splashbacks is that they will improve on the aesthetic of any type of kitchen they are installed in. Firstly, glass splashbacks come in an assortment of colours and types and are not simply transparent panes of glass. You could choose to opt for mirrored glass splashbacks that will create the illusion of space in your kitchen or you could choose coloured splashbacks to inject some vibrancy into your kitchen. Secondly, the glass splashbacks are reflective. This will enhance the amount of lighting in your kitchen, making it look more appealing.

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